Pungo District Hospital in Belhaven, NC, a critical access hospital, was built in 1949 as a community hospital that would serve everyone regardless of income.

In 2011, it was bought by Vidant Health with a promise to expand it. After two years, Vidant announced it would close the hospital for financial reasons. 

Based on a business plan sponsored by the town of Belhaven and vetted by three independent consulting companies, we know that Pungo Hospital can be viable.

Although Vidant agreed to turn over the hospital to the community during mediation in April, it closed the hospital on July 1, 2014.

Over 20,000 people in Beaufort and Hyde counties are affected with lives that will be lost without emergency care in the area. 

Rural healthcare is in a crisis in America. We are fighting to save our hospital and we are raising awareness on the dire situation of healthcare elsewhere. 

Please take a look at the flyer with myths vs facts about the Pungo Hospital. 

Watch the ongoing documentary web series about the struggle over the closure of Pungo Hospital, "Battle in Belhaven," by StoryofAmerica.org

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