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Myths & Facts about Pungo District Hospital

Myth Fact

We can’t afford a hospital in our community.



Pungo Hospital, built with federal funds in 1949, is a Critical Access Hospital, which has broken even most of the time. Vidant Health overstaffed and mismanaged it the past two years.

The 5-year business plan -- sponsored by the town of Belhaven and vetted by three different consultants -- projects that by being realistic about the number of beds and staff needed,profitable in three years.
Vidant Health will leave Belhaven if the community retakes the hospital. Vidant has told federal officials that after it transfers the hospital to the community, it will still operate a clinic here.

Poor people are to blame for the hospital closing.

People from all income levels are factored into the 5-year business plan. $45 million a year is already spent on approximately 5000 Medicare and Medicaid enrollees in the area served by Pungo Hospital.

The building is in disrepair and should be torn down.



The building is in good shape. Vidant did not attend to a mold problem in one hallway, but this can be easily addressed. The roof needs repairing.
A rumor was started that the building was once flooded. This is not true.
The building, with some minor repairs, is one of the best rural hospital buildings in the country.

Why should we try to save the





If the hospital closes, our town and region will lose $14-$17 million annually from our economy. This will mean fewer jobs, more struggling businesses, and higher taxes.

Some people live 84 miles away from the nearest emergency room now.
If you have a heart attack, the first hour is critical.

There are limited diagnostic abilities at the Vidant clinic or on the ambulances leading to lives lost needlessly due to lack of treatment.
Vidant’s 24-hour clinic has
emergency services.
The Vidant clinic does not have emergency services. A placard placed on the wall of the hospital’s emergency room instructs people to go to the clinic “for non-emergent “Call 911.”






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