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Healthy Communities United is a grassroots community group that grew out of the need for the citizens of Beaufort and Hyde counties to organize to save Pungo Hospital in Belhaven, NC. 

Rural healthcare is in a crisis in America. We are fighting to save our hospital and we are raising awareness of the dire situation of healthcare elsewhere. 

This is a place for all Americans who wish to unite as a people for healthcare solutions that truly serve communities.

To join this group, click the facebook image. 


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it is the government responsibility to serve there citizen . only by financial crisis the government should not run away from responsibility . the usa government spends 25% of GDP to Health not able to give basic minimum health facility means where the money goes? is it budget to health is eyewash or something else. in india every 30,000 population one Primary Health center is there . but it is for only first aid and routine ailments. and all the investigation for diabetics, hypertension and medicine are free. for basic health crisis or basic diseases. for majour diseases like heart attack and stroke, cancer can be taken treatment far 100kms . but basic health facitlity should be there. for maternal and child care, diabetic, hypertension, infectious diseases, poisoning, trauma first aid, deliveries, health education,
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yes the problems can be solved by using technology like telemedicine and outsourcing some of the diagnosis to other country. by Reduced dependence on human resource.
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