NC Mayor Makes Strides in Fight for Medicaid

Source: ABC News


A North Carolina mayor is making national headlines for a three hundred mile walk he's making to Washington, D.C.

Mayor Adam O'Neal decided to do it after he says the only hospital in his small town of Bellhaven closed because his state didn't expand medicaid. He's been meeting with many people on the way and Tuesday afternoon he met with the governor as he made a stop here in Richmond. The Republican mayor says people in his town are literally dying since this hospital closed and he says it's only a matter of time before other rural hospitals across the country suffer the same fate.

NC Mayor Makes Strides in Fight for Medicaid"We just had a 48-year-old mother of three and wife pass away, had a heart attack. She spent an hour in the parking lot of a high school waiting for a helicopter instead of spending 25 minutes in the back of an ambulance, and 35 minutes at the hands of an ER physician" said O'Neal.

The mayor is expected to reach D.C. on Monday where he will push for a law that would make it illegal for a rural hospital to close with out the secretary of human health signing off.

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