The Walk 2015 Press Release

Small Town Mayor Leads 283-Mile Walk from North Carolina to D.C. June 1-15 to Protest Potential Closing of 283 Rural Hospitals

 Conservative Mayor, a Famed Civil Rights Activist & Participants from 11 States Will Walk One Mile for Every Hospital in Jeopardy…

Will Petition Congress from Capitol’s Steps to Act on Rural Healthcare Crisis 

The-Walk-lots-of-marchers.jpgBELHAVEN, N.C.  In 2015, 283 of America’s rural hospitals face the very real possibly of closing down.

To draw attention to a life or death situation for some 62 million Americans who rely on rural healthcare, The Walk will begin in Belhaven, North Carolina on June 1 and conclude on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on June 15.

The Walk will be led by a most unlikely pair, conservative GOP Mayor Adam O’Neal of Belhaven and Civil Rights legend Bob Zellner, whose purpose is to keep hope alive in the rural town of Belhaven (pop. 1,687) and other small towns across the nation, as well as to encourage Congress to enact legislation to sustain rural hospitals. 

On June 1 at 9am EDT, O’Neal, Zellner and supporters representing 11 states will leave Belhaven for a two-week, 283-mile walk to D.C., one mile for every hospital that may be closed, letting people know along the way that possible closures will leave millions in a dangerous and vulnerable position.

Indeed, Belhaven is Ground Zero for the present-day crisis. It was the first rural town in the U.S. to get a hospital under President Truman’s 1947 Hill-Burton Act that established community rural hospitals, and ironically, Belhaven was the first Hill-Burton critical access hospital closed in July 2014.

“All Americans must be made aware of the dire rural health care crisis we face in this country,” said Mayor O’Neal. “Our rural hospitals are just as important as any urban medical center. When hospitals close, emergency rooms close and that means needless deaths -- our children, family members, veterans, and neighbors. We have to stand up for ourselves and The Walk will get Washington’s and the nation's attention,” said O’Neal.

During The Walk, participants will stay in Plymouth, and Ahoskie in N.C., and Courtland, Petersburg, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Arlington in Virginia, before arriving at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on June 15. Participants will host rallies with the community, as well as meet with local and state officials along the route.

To date, supporters from N.C., S.C., Tx., Ala., Wash., Va., Tenn., Fl., N.Y., Ga., and Calif. will join O’Neal and Zellner with representatives from some 40 states expected at the Capitol on June 1. Also, joining The Walk at the Capitol will be elected officials and prominent dignitaries. 

“This is a bipartisan grassroots movement with a single purpose,” added O’Neal. “Imagine having to drive 80 miles to get to an emergency room on a country road? Or, wasting precious time for an ambulance or helicopter? Sadly, we’ve seen multiple, preventable deaths occur for these very reasons.”

Since its hospital closed in 2014, Belhaven has witnessed several deaths that many say could have been prevented had the hospital remained open. Today, the nearest hospital is 30 miles away. In the neighboring county, where none exists, residents must travel some 80 miles for emergency care.

Belhaven is not alone. In a rural East Texas town, an 18-month old died from choking on a grape. The baby was rushed to the nearby hospital, the only one in the entire county, but it was closed and locked. The next nearest hospital was some 21 miles away, but it was too late.

The possibility of a rural hospital closure is more than a health issue. The National Rural Health Association projects in a 2015 study that 36,000 jobs will be lost if the 283 hospitals are closed. Also, rural communities will lose an estimated $10.6 billion in lost GDP if the hospitals are shuttered.

According to a recent Associated Press report, 50 rural hospitals have closed since 2010, with the pace accelerating. iVantage Health Analytics, a firm that works with hospitals, reports that the 283 rural hospitals vulnerable to shutting down are located in 39 states, and that 35 percent of them are operating at a loss. To date, most of the closures have occurred in the South and Midwest. In fact, nearly 70 percent of those at risk are in states that have declined to expand Medicaid coverage under the federal Affordable Care Act, but some experts are not drawing a cause-and-effect correlation, the AP reported. 

Adds O’Neal, “We are going backwards with healthcare in America. Hospitals are not like hardware stores; we can’t simply close them and not expect people to be affected. The Walk must start a national debate about the condition of rural hospitals today. This is an American issue, regardless of party or politics. If 283 hospitals close and there are 10 preventable deaths, due to no emergency care services that will almost equal the number of lives lost on 9/11 every year, and every year thereafter. We must demonstrate to lawmakers in D.C. how we the people can cross party lines to work on this vital issue.”

The Walk began on July 14, 2014 (to the 28th) when Zellner and O’Neal walked 273 miles to D.C. as the result of the death of 48-year-old Portia Gibbs. She had suffered a heart attack and died after waiting - one-hour, in the back of ambulance, in a high school parking lot - for a medical helicopter to arrive. She could have been at Belhaven hospital in less than 30 minutes, had it not closed just six days earlier. For details on The Walk, visit:

CONTACT:  Roy Brunett, Roslan & Campion PR  212. 966. 4600 (office) |

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Monday, June 1 | Belhaven, NC
Kickoff at 8:30 am at Belhaven's Pungo Hospital Public Docks, Wynne’s Gut
Tuesday June 2 | Plymouth, NC (20 miles in 1 day )
Lunch location TBA, possibly with Plymouth mayor)
Wednesday-Thursday June 3-4 | Ahoskie, NC (45 miles in 2 days)
Lunch location TBA

Friday- Saturday,  June 5-6 | Franklin, VA  (40 miles in 2 days)
Lunch location TBA 

Sunday-Monday, June 7-8  | Petersberg, VA 
 (40 miles in 2 days)
Lunch at Croaker's Spot

Tuesday-Wednesday, June 9-10  | Richmond, VA  
(40 miles in 2 days)
Lunch/rally at the Capitol at the Bell Tower

Thursday, June 11  | Mechanicsville, VA (40 miles in 2 days)
Lunch location TBA

Friday,  June 12 | Bowling Green, VA/Fredericksburg, VA (20 miles in 1 day)
Lunch location TBA
Saturday, June 13 | Stafford, VA  (20 miles in 1 day)
Lunch location TBA

Sunday, June 14  | Woodbridge/Alexandria, VA (20 miles in 1 day) 
Lunch TBA

Monday,  June 15   | Washington, DC 
  (8 miles in 1 day)
Rally, Lobby Day TBA


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We are continuing using this site for our fight OF RUAL HOSPITAL’S!
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Home Local Article
Belhaven mayor in D.C. demanding DOJ’s help reopen hospital

Posted: Wed 10:01 PM, Sep 21, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WITN) – Belhaven Mayor Adam O’Neal is back in Washington, D.C. demanding answers from the Justice Department.

O’Neal Wednesday began marching around the U.S. Department of Justice until he gets a meeting with the Attorney General.

In a letter to Loretta Lynch, O’Neal says they want the department to bring justice to the fight to reopen the Belhaven hospital.

O’Neal mentions three separate complaints in the letter, including what he calls racial bias claims which motivated the decision Vidant Health made to close the Belhaven hospital, and the lengths Vidant and Pantego Creek LLC have gone to keep the Belhaven hospital from reopening.

O’Neal says they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The hospital in Belhaven has been closed since July of 2014.
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Why would anyone want to harass a 100 year old woman. Just about everyone calls her Aunt Grace (Grace Hardison), sweet, caring, kind, giving and still full of life. Now she’s stressed and worried after Shane Hubers challenged her and 45 others right to vote and had her name appear the newspaper. Ricky Radcliffe, Allen Rogers and James Merritt have since added more names to the list. So now my Aunt has to either go to a hearing October 24th, get a notarized document signed or have a family member represent her at the hearing. When she was growing up she didn’t have the right to vote now after a century of life they want to take that right away from her and others.

After going though the list, there were 68 listed as active voters being challenged…….66 of them are African American.

All of this stems from those who want to tear down the hospital and get the Mayor & council out of the way. They will come up with something else and they don’t care who they hurt in the process. FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS POST
commented 2016-10-19 12:26:09 -0700 · Flag
One if the latest updates on Saving our Hospital…

You know,when enough is,enough, right? I just so happen to be there,after the experience I had on Thursday…..The story goes,as follows…..I have been quiet for awhile now and very positive….I still am positive, but no longer quiet……The LLC majority voted to sell the hospital property for 1,000,000.00…..Don’t know,where that offer stands at this point or what your managers might do with their aquired wealth, that has to be used for something in the medical field, or so I’ve been told….With Matthew approaching, I would certainly hope the managers,would protect the property…. Guess,what, they surly didnot, I believe they were trying to further destroy it……When the new,addition was added the builder had flood gates to fit the doors of the hospital..built to protect thru such events,as hurricanes. …The hugh heavy doors have been propped on the backside of the hospital near the loading dock by the kitchen. When I saw them on Wednesday, I remember thinking…sure hope they get those in place before it gets too bad….Low and behold on Thursday the ones that had been propped on the wall were gone…..on the loading dock was a mere smigine of what was there……They had been removed…..not to protect the building, but to hopefully destroy it…..There were wittnesses and we know how you did it and when…..Cell phones,take,wonderful pictures as you will note on the ones I have taken…one being the empty place,where the flood gates,stood..and the other of the lonely one left or forgotten…Now you tell me…what good people would intentionally destroy the potential sell of the property and one million dollars…..Just so you know……we know who you are. …and then there’s the rest of the story…..
published this page in The Walk to Raleigh 2015 2015-06-01 12:48:04 -0700