What can we do?

What can we do to reopen our hospital?

1. Share this flyer with your friends and neighbors. Have informational meetings at home, churches or community centers with this flyer and videos from www.storyofamerica.org (DVDs will be available soon).

2. Tell our elected representatives that our hospital can be financially viable with our new business plan and Vidant Health must return the hospital to the community. Ask them to do what they can to expedit the federal investigations of Vidant’s actions requested by the NC NAACP in a filed Title 6 complaint.

• Senator Kay Hagan - (252) 754-0707
• Senator Richard Burr - (252) 977-9522
• Rep. G.K. Butterfield - (202) 225-3101
• Rep. Walter Jones - (252) 931-1003
• Governor Pat McCrory - (919) 814-2000
• NC State Sen. Bill Cook - (919) 715-8293
• NC Rep. Paul Tine - (252) 305-5133

3. Tell the federal government, which grants millions of dollars to Vidant Health, to cut off its funds until it keeps its promises to the people of Beaufort and Hyde counties. Call Tim Noonan, Regional Manager, US. Dept. of HHS OCR (800) 368-1019.

4. Provide the attorney for our Title VI Complaint, Al McSurely, with any evidence that would be useful to the federal investigation of Vidant Health from 2010 to the present. Email lawyers@mcsurely.com.

Pungo Hospital Facts*

  • $14-$17 million per year will be taken out of the economy in our area because of the closure.
  • $45 million a year is already spent on 5,000 Medicare and  Medicaid enrollees in the area.
  • The hospital can be profitable in 3 years with the new plan.
  • The new plan would reduce the beds from 50 to 10 beds.
  • Over 23,000 people are going without emergency services in
  • Beaufort and Hyde counties due to the closure.
  • Some live 84 miles away from the nearest emergency room.

*From 5-year business plan sponsored by the town of Belhaven and vetted by three different consultants






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